Corporate Social Responsibility

The expansion of Khubchandani`s activities at the local and regional levels was accompanied by the need for a commitment to search for new and permanent horizons in the area of responsibility towards the well-being of the societies in which it operates.

  • Education, training and corporate development.
  • Green environment and ways to preserve it.
  • Promoting Health.
  • Public Awareness of the Social Classes of Special Needs.
  • Various others social contributions

At Krimson Health the healthcare arm of the Khubchandani Group, we are dedicated to enhance the treatment of individuals. Viewing each patient through a holistic lens, we understand that good 'health' involves a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach and goes far beyond the provision of medical services alone.

Dedicated to accessible healthcare for all, the group ensures that a minimum of 10% of beds in each of the groups hospitals are dedicated to poor and needy patients.

We at "Khubchandani Group and Krimson Health," "Take our social responsibilities seriously and as part of our commitment to the community, we at Krimson Health continue to support PASSAGES, an association for Guidance, Education & Support, founded in July 1998, PASSAGES is a voluntary, non-profit NGO, conceptualized by a core group

Association for Guidance, Education & Support

Corporate Social Responsibility